What's New
Learn about the new features and improvements in the latest release of Saba Enterprise Cloud.
Get started
Get your Saba Enterprise Cloud environment up and running by completing these essential procedures.
Learn how to do the most basic tasks, including completing your profile, joining communities, managing your learning, plans, reviews, and so on.
My Team
Learn how to manage and track the performance of your team.
Learn how to create courses and content, assign instructors, create registrations, certifications, and compile a learning catalog.
Learn how to manage registrations of classes you teach, evaluate learners in your class, and keep track of the overall status of each of their classes.
Learn how to register internal and external people for learning, and manage orders created during the registration process.
Learn how to manage user accounts and proxies, prospects and distribution lists, and create, process, and monitor prescriptive rules.
Learn how to define organizations, roles, and jobs, locations and facilities, competencies and competency groups.
HR Partner
Learn how to manage and administer specific HR processes for an organization.
Learn how to manage and analyze performance of learners, including plans, goals, and reviews.
Learn how to manage succession, positions, and skill development in your organization.
Learn how to manage compensation plan, budget distribution, and pay structure in your organization.
Learn how to create and administer assessment instruments such as exams and surveys.
Learn how to create and manage communities, discussion forums, and collaborative Web pages, to allow learners to expand their professional network.
Learn how you can configure and manage the behavior of the Saba application.
Analytics and Reports
Analyze and interpret important learning, performance, social, and other data in your system.
Get all the information about other related products and utilities used by Saba Enterprise Cloud.